Business books for kids

We all want the best for our kids. In this fast-paced society, the next generation needs to grow up with the skills and mindset required to be successful, whatever life throws at them. Understanding businesses and how they work is a great starting point so looking for children’s books about business is a very wise move.

We’re often asked if, in simple terms, the Clever Tykes stories are ‘business books for kids’. Whilst this description provides a reasonable idea about the series, it ultimately sells the concept rather short. ‘Business books for kids’ implies quite a clinical approach to teaching children about ‘business’, which all too often is confused with profiteering. Here at Clever Tykes, we’re very conscious that being enterprising is not about learning the mechanics and technicalities of starting a business and turning a profit. Being enterprising relates far more to attitude and characteristics, especially when we’re growing up and in no real danger of setting up an actual business.

Boy reading a business book

This is the really important thing:

Young children, of primary school age, only need to know the very basic principles of business and how money works. Knowing that companies make profit by selling products and services to customers who earn money by working for other businesses is pretty much the lot. Providing some real life context to business and money is something all parents should be doing and financial education is a growing subject area in schools.

So you might be thinking:

Business books for kids: why do we need them?

When children reach the ages of 15 or 16, they very quickly gain a much better understanding of what careers are and how to manage money. If they really enjoy the topic then business studies and economics A-levels and degrees should be seriously considered. But before then, what do they need?

The answer is actually quite simple.

They need role models.

And that’s why we need children’s business storybooks. We realised that children lack positive business role models and we decided to create some!Cho circle



Children don’t need to know all the ins and outs of actually starting a business. If we want our children to be more enterprising and have a better chance of starting a business, they need to adopt the right attitude and develop the right skills. As a race, us humans learn best from our experiences and the experiences of other humans, why do you think so many of us want to be a footballer, astronaut or princess when we grow up? It’s what we know and aspire to.


When should we teach children about business?


We wrote the Clever Tykes books for children ages 6-9 for two main reasons:

1. Ask a seven-year-old what they want to be when they’re older and they’ll give you an answer


2. These are our formative years. The years when we’re learning at the fastest rate in our lives. This is when we can really influence children’s futures.



If you’re thinking about getting your children thinking more opportunistically and aspiring to more – you’ve come to the right place

At Clever Tykes, we’re passionate about instilling enterprising mindsets using entrepreneurial role models by emphasising the characteristics required to start a venture by following a passion or an interest. The stories make a fun and engaging parenting tool so we developed a parent and teacher’s guide to help develop skills and understanding further still. This is available as a PDF download here and contains a number of ways of making the most the books.


Everything links back to the evidence we have around children growing up with entrepreneurial parents and the impact of fictional role models on entrepreneurial intention. The primary purpose of the Clever Tykes stories is to provide entrepreneurial role models to children and help them understand what business and enterprise means. The stories very much form the foundation of enterprise and what a venture might look like and how it starts.


If you’re a teacher looking for business books for kids and looking for more in-depth skill and behaviour development, we have created teaching resources. We’re always keen to call it ‘enterprise education’ in primary schools, simply because ‘business’ sounds a little bit serious!


Developing an enterprising mindset is certainly something the Clever Tykes books helps with and that’s why we think they’re the best business books for kids. Well, for 6-9-year-olds anyway!