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Enterprise Teaching Resources

Clever Tykes has developed enterprise teaching resources for parents and teachers looking to explore more of the topics in the Clever Tykes books and develop more skills in their children. Join thousands of forward-thinking schools who are using the Clever Tykes resources to pioneer primary enterprise education.



The Clever Tykes books and teacher’s guide create a multifunctional teaching resource offering numerous ways of developing vital skills and characteristics. The stories address many topics taught in a traditional citizenship curriculum such as healthy lifestyles, stranger and e-safety and equal opportunities. This makes the Clever Tykes resources the perfect way to revamp your PSHE lessons, making them relevant to modern society. The resources also provide the option of creating after school enterprise clubs, which can add huge value to children outside classroom hours.



Perfect resources for:

  • PSHE and citizenship
  • Guided reading
  • Class text
  • After school enterprise clubs
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • IT, art & design


Enterprise resources: the storybooks and guides

The Clever Tykes storybooks and accompanying teachers guide are suitable for guided reading, class reading and three whole half-terms of PSHE lessons.

The storybooks:

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Resources suitable for KS2.

Clever Tykes teacher’s guide download:

The Clever Tykes Teachers’ Guide is a great resource for proactive parents and teachers to develop their children’s skills beyond the scope of the stories. The guide provides chapter walkthroughs of all three books highlighting important concepts and opportunities for discussions and associated tasks. It also includes 18 lesson plans for more structured learning and additional exercises and project-based learning creates hours of valuable enterprise education.

Find out more about the PDF teachers’ guide here.


Primary enterprise resources on TES


Yes, you can find the Clever Tykes books as PDFs on the TES website here. TES is one of the go-to places for teaching resources and is somewhere you can be confident of purchasing high quality resources for your school.


TES primary enterprise


Like to try before you buy? We’ve got a great Walk-it Willow enterprise pack for you to receive straight to your inbox by clicking hereThis walk-through highlights the key learning points in each chapter of the story. There are also some example questions, discussion topics and tasks for you to pick and chose from and use for ideas. Walk-it Willow covers numerous elements of PSHE including e-safety, stranger safety, healthy lifestyles and, of course, entrepreneurship. There are also some great personal development topics too.

I am a huge advocate of the entrepreneurial messages and characteristics that you are driving. I think it is a fantastic idea to instil the idea of entrepreneurship into children from a young age. This is a great way to open children up to the idea of not always following conventional paths and giving them the belief and confidence from an early age to pursue their own creative business ideas and ventures. 

James Caan, CBE - entrepreneur and former Dragon

“The Clever Tykes series are such a wonderful way to introduce ‘enterprise’ to children from a young age – I can’t recommend them highly enough, and strongly urge parents to read along with their child as there is no doubt the stories will stimulate lots of questions and interest!”


“I found Walk-it Willow easy to read and full of lovely messages that children can take from it. It touched on taking responsibility, problem solving, admitting mistakes and also the work it takes to run a small business. Willow is entertaining but very human. A lovely story.”

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