Our goal is to break the cycle of generational unemployment and inspire millions of children to be creative, positive and enterprising, through our storybooks.

We’d absolutely love to hear from you. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, blogger or from the education, business or publishing worlds, it’s great to talk. We’re open to collaborative opportunities and any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

Please see below for the opportunities we are currently open to:

Translation agents

We are looking for publishers to translate and distribute the books in their region. We’re working with Arabic publisher Dar Rabie and are seeking similar opportunities in Mandarin and Spanish.


If you are a bookshop, children’s store or online retailer that would like to stock the Clever Tykes books, please get in touch to find out more.

Press enquiries

We are a media-friendly team and available to be interviewed and discuss topics such as enterprise, education and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Collaborators and partners

Do you have a product or service whose ethos and aims matches ours? Are you looking to license the Clever Tykes brand? We are open to opportunities.


Especially if you’re a teacher, parent or one of our avid readers! We love hearing about how you’ve used and enjoyed the books as well as any great stories you have. We’re constantly striving to improve what we do.


Do you have an enterprise education product or service that more people should know about? Get our seal of approval and join our accreditation programme and be listed in our directory.

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