Inspiring and empowering books for kids

With thousands of books out there, it is difficult to know which to choose for your child. Instead of letting them read any old book, choose something they’ll really benefit from. We developed the Clever Tykes series to be inspiring and empowering stories for children ages 6-9.


Inspiring books for 6-9 year olds

We created the Clever Tykes storybooks to introduce children to strong, relatable role models. Lots of stories are set in a fantasy world, where children struggle to relate to their favourite characters. Not only do the Clever Tykes books inspire their readers with stories of resilience and positivity, they empower them by providing real world context for learning.


What to look for in inspirational books for kids:

Clever Tykes - inspirational books for kids

Real-life context: ideally they are set in a real world environment so everything possible in the books is possible for the reader.

Relatable characters: children, similar to them, that readers resonate with and truly believe they can emulate.

Focus on attitude, not outcomes: it’s not just about winning or being a hero, it’s often the effort that is important to understand and learn from.

Promote core values: the protagonists must show values such as kindness, honesty and loyalty, but they don’t need to be perfect.

Characters display key traits: such as positivity, resourcefulness, creativity and resilience. They’re all key elements of being happy and successful in life.

Realistic challenges and successes: it’s incredibly useful for kids to read about struggles and achievements they encounter in their lives, to feel like they have an ally for their journey.

Not always plain sailing: if children only encounter tales of plain sailing paths, they’ll be disheartened when they face a challenge. The most powerful stories contain lots of bumps in the road and an “all is lost” moment.

Characters evolve: children develop as people every single day. Seeing a character develop or change through their experiences will inspire them to do the same.


There are many books that can help your kids be inspired to choose their own path. The Clever Tykes stories incorporate all of the above points and revolve around the topic of enterprise. Each story follows its own protagonist to ensure there are different role models for every child.

You’ll meet Code-it Cody, Walk-it Willow, Write-it Ryan and Change-it Cho, all of whom face challenges in bringing their ideas to life. There’s an accompanying teacher and parent story guidebook that helps bring out even more key messages and contains questions and exercises to complete.


You can read more about the stories and see reviews on our stores:

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The books are available across the world.


Inspirational and educational books

As an added bonus, inspirational books for young kids can also be educational. For the Clever Tykes stories, this means two things. Firstly, that the books educate kids on matters of the real world; things like enterprise, communication, fairness and real-world challenges. These things are hugely important for a young person’s development but they don’t tend to form part of formal schooling.

Secondly, the books were designed with traditional school subjects in mind, if a parent or teacher wanted to use them as a basis for subjects like maths, English or art and design, to name a few. Tying in multiple subjects brings them to life and is a more efficient use of learning time in what can be a busy education schedule for a seven-year-old or eight-year-old.


The Clever Tykes characters inspiring readers sages 6, 7, 8 and 9



The Clever Tykes books are perfect for inspiring and empowering your kids. Check out our stores on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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