Mark Zuckerberg’s middle school invention

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, father of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of Facebook, talks about how having computers around the house sparked his son’s interest in technology.

“My kids all grew up around the office and were all exposed to computers. There are advantages to being exposed to computers early on. That certainly enriched Mark’s interest in technology.

“Rather than impose upon your kids or try and steer their lives in a certain direction, my wife and I suggest to recognise what their strengths are and support the development of the things they’re passionate about.”

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg ran a dental practice adjacent to the family home. Whilst in middle school, Mark developed a solution to stop the team shouting to get each other’s attention:

“The dentists and hygienists needed to share data on the patients. So I built a system where he could communicate with folks across rooms, and also communicate with me and my sisters upstairs—and I called it ZuckNet.”

Mark Zuckerberg showed ingenuity from a young age as a result of his environment and his parents’ support in the development of his passions, which led onto greater things for his future.