Meet Lee, father of two

Clever Tykes actually met Lee at a Mumpreneur event – Lee is a Dadpreneur(?) but was in attendance with wife Sarah! Together they founded Bedouin Nights a “glamping” business based in Cornwall. They’re the proud owners of two children and a copy of Walk-it Willow!


Tell us about you

I am a firefighter and I also co-own our glamping business with my wife Sarah.

I would say that both my ambitions have been fulfilled as a business owner and as a firefighter. My parents both worked in a family business that my grandfather owns, something of which I was a part of before joining the fire service.

The family business certainly influenced my desire to own my own business. I could see how successful and what success had brought my grandfather and this was a driving factor for us to start a business together. I have two children; Elsie (five) and Raegan (two).


What does Elsie want to be when she grows up?

Elsie would like to be a pilot or a vet…or as she has just told me – both! As I do two jobs, so can she!


How do you encourage enterprising behaviour in the children you have mentioned?

Elsie doesn’t really require encouragement as I think the drive from her parents rubs off quite well. She has always been involved in what we do and I think that is a good enough influence to show her how to achieve in life.

We obviously always encourage her to achieve in school and explain the importance of education.


Have you found any useful tools or resources that you would recommend in doing this?

We have discovered the ‘Clever Tykes’ books, something Elsie couldn’t put down! The books sparked a lot of thought in Elsie and I would go as far to say as the catalyst of her ‘Coco Cafe’ venture!

In the future, I would like Elsie and Raegan to take part in some coding programs that are available as I feel that this will be a massive part of their futures.


What is your number one tip for raising an enterprising child?

Involve them and share the trials and tribulations, this will give them a better understanding of business and life in general.


Do your children receive pocket money?

Elsie helps with household chores and also gets pocket money when she achieves well in school.


Do your children know about what you and Sarah do for a living? 

Yes, they have been a part of our business and Elsie has been known to take business cards to school to try and drum up business from her classmates!

I have been to Elsie’s school with the fire truck so she is aware of my day job.


What does Elsie get up to that makes her enterprising?

Since reading Walk-it Willow, she has decided that she would start her own cafe and named it ‘Coco Cafe’.

She had drawn up menus, a sign and had worked out prices. Although obviously not a real cafe, her ideas were her own and the aspiration was there.


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