PSHE Opportunities

Provisions for PSHE or citizenship vary significantly from school to school. Unfortunately, the subject is sometimes regarded as a burden on schools and teachers since the lack of academic standards mean it’s difficult to inspire the...


Business books for kids

We all want the best for our kids. In this fast-paced society, the next generation needs to grow up with the skills and mindset required to be successful, whatever life throws at them. Understanding businesses and how they work is a great...


I am a huge advocate of the entrepreneurial messages and characteristics that you are driving. I think it is a fantastic idea to instil the idea of entrepreneurship into children from a young age. This is a great way to open children up to the idea of not always following conventional paths and giving them the belief and confidence from an early age to pursue their own creative business ideas and ventures. 

James Caan, CBE - entrepreneur and former Dragon

“The Clever Tykes series are such a wonderful way to introduce ‘enterprise’ to children from a young age – I can’t recommend them highly enough, and strongly urge parents to read along with their child as there is no doubt the stories will stimulate lots of questions and interest!”


“I found Walk-it Willow easy to read and full of lovely messages that children can take from it. It touched on taking responsibility, problem solving, admitting mistakes and also the work it takes to run a small business. Willow is entertaining but very human. A lovely story.”