Teaching children life lessons

Parents are on the hunt for great ways of teaching children valuable life lessons. We made sure the Clever Tykes books were brimming with some of the most important life lessons a child can learn. We’ve put together a definitive list of the life lessons taught in the Clever Tykes books.


Life lessons for children

All of these life lessons are learned directly from one or more of Walk-it Willow, Code-it Cody and Change-it Cho. See if your children can tell which lesson is learned in which book!

Follow your passion

Your interests turn into expertise

This expertise has value

Respect your elders

The value of customer care and service


Importance of exerciseStartingLine

Importance of healthy eating

Believe in yourself

Be honest

Sometimes you have to show people what you can do

Children can achieve great things

You can learn a lot from mentors

Everyone makes mistakes

Making mistakes is okay if we learn from them

It’s always okay to ask for help and guidance

Disability is no barrier to success

Working hard helps overcome obstacles

Team work is useful

Planning and time-keeping skills

Mr Chip is not a robot!

Coding is fun and a very important skill

The arts are important subjects whatever your interests

Some dogs don’t like the rain!

Share your beliefs with others

Public speaking is important (and not so scary)

Sometimes you need to educate an audience rather than just tell them what to do

Helping others is rewarding

Enterprise is not all about making money

Businesses take many forms

Not everyone will believe in your ideas

We all are have our differences

Standing out from the crowd is a good thing

Different types of people can be successful


Meaningful children’s books

It’s really important that children spend a lot of time reading; there are so many benefits. If we’re looking to maximise what children are learning and what characteristics they’re developing, we must ensure that they’re reading meaningful stories. There’s a reason why certain stories and fables stand the test of time – not only are they good stories, they pass on valuable knowledge and experiences through the characters in them.


There are more than likely a few more life lessons from the Clever Tykes books that even we have missed out! We’d love to hear some of the lessons your children have learned from the stories and which ones you think are the most valuable.