How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids: PLAYBOOK – gift purchase


Here’s how to purchase multiple copies of the playbook accompaniment to the bestselling book, How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, for gifting or sponsorship. You can sponsor the playbook in multiples of 30.

The playbooks will be delivered to one UK address and can be affixed with branded stickers that include your name or company name.

When ordering, please include your telephone number so we can call you to arrange all the details.

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The playbook accompaniment to How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids brings the themes in the book to life. The playbook comprises four pillars: entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the parent-mentor, with 46 bite-sized sections.

Each section addresses a key concept in developing the skills and attitude of a young person ready to take on the world and includes questions to ponder and exercises to complete together as a family.

It’s a super-fun way to explore the entrepreneurial messages in the book and can be completed over several days, weeks, or even months. Spark the imagination and see what’s possible with the How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids playbook.

Price includes shipping to one UK address.

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