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Here’s how to purchase multiple copies of the bestselling book, How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, for gifting or sponsorship. You can sponsor the book in multiples of 30.

The books will be delivered to one UK address and can be affixed with branded stickers that include your name or company name.

When ordering, please include your telephone number so we can call you to arrange all the details.

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This book introduces the four pillars of raising entrepreneurial kids: mindset, skills, experiences and coaching, to ensure they thrive whatever their future holds.

It will equip you to:

• Instil a mindset of positivity and resourcefulness

• Explore opportunities to learn invaluable skills

• Discover eye-opening experiences among the everyday

• Develop new ways of thinking and overcoming obstacles

• Learn from inspiring people and be the best role model possible

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids is packed with thought-provoking, actionable ideas to have fun exploring the concepts with your family.

Price includes shipping to one UK address.

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