Enterprising Child – the review

This week we received a copy of Enterprising Child to get our teeth into. Written by mother and businesswoman, Lorraine Allman, the book is a resource for parents looking to nurture their children’s creativity and enterprising spirit. Naturally, this caught our eye and we thought we’d investigate further.Enterprising child

The first thing that strikes us is the sheer practicality of the suggestions contained within the text. It is evident that Lorraine writes from experience as both a parent and a business person. The exercises and discussion topics are laid out clearly and methodically but it is the ease with which they could be implemented quickly, and in everyday situations, that makes it such a useful tool for parents.

Of course, a major benefit lies in helping your child to learn and understand, whilst still sparking their interest and enthusiasm. It is the curiosity and creative nature of children that will drive their engagement with the material. Indeed, the topics and exercises outlined in Enterprising Child will develop such a broad range of skills and understanding, applicable to situations in all walks of life, far beyond the scope of enterprise alone. These are skills that any successful professional requires in their arsenal.

It cannot be understated that cultivating a child’s creativity is paramount to their development as well-rounded and intelligent people. We truly believe that Enterprising Child is a fundamental piece of literature for effective parenting in the 21st century. As a society, we must do everything we can to make regarding entrepreneurship as a viable career option as we grow up because it is typically those individuals with ‘entrepreneurial upbringings’ who tend to make the most successful young entrepreneurs.


It is clear that Enterprising Child shares many of the core values of the Clever Tykes series, but is parent-facing rather than child-facing. This makes the two fantastically synergistic in their approach to changing the culture of creating entrepreneurs that we have in the UK and beyond.

Enterprising Child is available as both a physical book and eBook from the amazon store here.

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