What are you reading?


When I was growing up, my role models were the people I read about in books.


  • I read Mr Galliano’s Circus and wanted to be like Lottie – to live in a caravan and perform in shows.


  • I read the Famous Five and wanted to be like George – to go on adventures and solve mysteries.


  • I read Sophie Hits Six and wanted to own kittens, like Sophie. To make things in the garden and become a vet when I grew up.


  • I read Matilda, and wanted to be super independent whilst reading all the books in the library!


  • A little later, my sister and I watched Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, and wanted to spend our days going shopping and wearing makeup.


  • Then the Spice Girls came along, and we were obsessed with platform shoes and GIRL POWER!


Every single person you read about, hear about and spend time with shapes who you are. You mirror their language, habits and beliefs, even subconsciously, and they slowly become part of you.

Someone else’s personality and outlook soon become normal to us. It’s no accident that many careers often closely align with those of their parents’. It’s no secret that groups of friends often earn similar amounts.

Who is your family listening to, watching and reading about, and what could this mean for your future?