In January 2017, all 23,500 primary schools in the UK received copies of the Clever Tykes series and access to our free enterprise resources online. This means that around 4 million children gained access to a copy of the series inspiring resourceful, innovative, and positive behaviour.


What happened

23,500 sets of Clever Tykes books were delivered to every primary school across the UK, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Each set contained a letter from the co-creators and founders Ben and Jodie Cook.

School head teachers and enterprise and PSHE leads were also emailed about the project with a link to the digital enterprise portal. Schools were given this access completely free of charge and can enjoy 18 lesson plans and chapter walkthroughs of all the books.


Of course, the project attracted a lot of press attention both locally and nationally, here are some of the highlights.

Press coverage:


Independent Birmingham


Coding ones…


We also gained some awesome recognition over social media



What Lloyds Banking Group says:

It was incredibly important to us that our delivery partner, Lloyds Banking Group, were pleased we were making an impact on children’s lives.

Lloyds Banking Group is delighted to have been given the opportunity to bring such innovative and valuable resources to every school in the United Kingdom. We are committed to supporting the next generation develop the skills and attitudes required to succeed, in whatever they choose to do.


Martin Dodd



The most important people in all this are the schools, teachers, and children using the stories.


Within just a few days, hundreds of children had read and reviewed the Clever Tykes books with one child even suggesting a title for the fourth book! Here are some of the great feedback we received from teachers over the first few weeks.


We would like to thank you for the delivery of books we received last week, we are truly thrilled with them. 

Sarah Hardcastle, Howden Infants School

We received the 3 books you sent us for the kids to read and want to send you feedback. The books are fabulous. A child in year 5 wrote the following: He loved the colour as he felt it was inviting. The story he felt was excellent, especially helping people to eat healthy.  He thinks the next book should be green and should be called “Write it Woody”.  He really feels all these books stand out from others. 

Katie Presser, Rosh Pinah Primary School


Many thanks for your lovely books. Our children have written quizzes for them and they are now in our “Accelerated Reader” library.

Garry McIlwaine, Appertain Primary School