The founder of Starling Bank’s childhood interests

Anne Boden MBE is the founder of Starling Bank. In an interview with Money Observer, she talks about the childhood influences that combined an interest in money with a focus on making good choices.

“I learned from a very young age just how important [money] is and how useful it can be in life. I still remember the wallet I had where I put all my money.

“On Fridays, all the family sat and discussed how much we were going to spend the following week. People used to get paid in cash and we’d all figure out who had what. My father, a steelworker, and my mother, who worked in a department store, used to discuss it with us, and I remember having a say and always being included in those conversations.

“I also remember going to buy our first caravan – I was given the responsibility of carrying the money. I think I was nine and it was £325.”

“My favourite childhood book was called: “Your Choices at 14, 16 and 18.” My father took me to a bookshop in Swansea and I picked this book off the shelf when I was 13 which described the choices you can make at school at 14, 16 and 18. I can still picture the book shop now and see the book standing there since it was such a revelation to me. My copy was so well-thumbed – I didn’t know anybody who had been to university or who had A Levels so it was my only source of information about that world! That was how I learned about those things.”

The earlier we learn about making intentional choices the sooner we can direct the course of our life. Combining that with intrigue and mastery means someone could be set up for amazing success and happiness. When did you first learn about making choices?