Packing your own suitcase

I attribute every success I’ve ever had to the fact that when I was a small child, whenever our family went on holiday, my mum made me pack my own suitcase.

To me, it was normal. Who else would do it?! I realise it might not sound like a life-changing event, just packing for a trip. But from a young age, it taught me every skill I use today:

It taught me how to plan for the future, even if that future was just a weekend at grandma’s.

It taught me how to work within a constraint. The suitcase was only so big, and there definitely wasn’t any spare room in my sister’s.

It taught me critical thinking. What was I doing? What would I need? What was my priority and which sacrifices did I need to make?

It taught me independence and decision-making, because no one else was going to decide for me.

It taught me how to learn from my mistakes, the mistakes I made when packing for previous trips.

Did you pack your own suitcase for childhood trips? Do you encourage your kids to do the same? Let us know here.