Overcoming challenges by thinking creatively

Amy Cheadle, founder of The Northern Dough Coreflects on her experience encouraging her kids to overcome challenges by thinking creatively.

“As a parent, I often challenge my kids with problem solving to encourage their creative thinking. I might share a simple task from my own day and ask them how they’d approach it, or ask for their advice on a recipe or flavour, and encourage them to be specific with their feedback so they understand the difference between opinion and actionable insight.

“I’m always blown away by the conversations, and they love knowing that the challenges are real, and that they’re helping in some way. I like to think of it as a role-play for the creative thinkers of the future, and I always learn something too!”.

We love the idea of bright young minds whirring away solving grown up business problems! It’s the perfect way to begin developing crucial life skills. Could your kids offer unique insights on the challenges you face in your working day?


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