Learning opportunities within a busy home

Rahul Singh, founder and CEO of The Beer Cafe, recalls how a busy childhood home led to a passion for serving.

“I grew up in a home which was constantly teeming with guests, visiting relatives, neighbors and friends. In a bid to help around, I gradually discovered a love for hospitality. The entire camaraderie that was built between family and strangers over cups of steaming tea, good food and great conversations was what led me to start something in the hospitality business.

“Looking back, I can see that serving people with a smile and making them happy in turn was the first catalyst to my entire entrepreneurial journey.”

Working in a restaurant or bar or just helping look after guests at home teaches so many transferable skills. Time management, multi-tasking, objection handling, solution finding and many more.

Is working in hospitality one of the best ways to learn how to think on your feet and serve others? How else could these skills be developed?