How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids book launch

Today’s the day! We’re super excited that How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids is now live on Amazon and in bookstores around the world. 


Clever Tykes co-founder Jodie Cook teamed up with best-selling business author Daniel Priestley to create this hugely valuable resource for parents and educators. It’s a book full of ideas and inspiration for developing the key attributes of someone creative, resilient and resourceful.

The book delves into the four pillars of raising entrepreneurial kids: entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial skills, opportunities and the parent-mentor. Each of these sections contains smaller, actionable subsections that focus on a specific element using examples from parents and entrepreneurs.


Here’s what the blurb says:

Every parent wants their kid to have a happy and successful future. The problem is they aren’t sure how to prepare them for this rapidly evolving world.

Life used to be easy. Go to school, pass your exams, get a good job and the rest flows from there. Today it’s not so simple. The concept of work is changing. Chances are, your kid won’t get a job, they will create one.

Now more than ever, entrepreneurial skills are fundamental to their prosperity and wellbeing. Schools don’t teach these skills; will you?

This book introduces the four pillars of raising entrepreneurial kids: mindset, skills, experiences and coaching, to ensure they thrive whatever their future holds.

It will equip you to:

  • Instil a mindset of positivity and resourcefulness
  • Explore opportunities to learn invaluable skills
  • Discover eye-opening experiences among the everyday
  • Develop new ways of thinking and overcoming obstacles
  • Learn from inspiring people and be the best role model possible

How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids is packed with thought-provoking, actionable ideas to have fun exploring the concepts with your family.


How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids is for parents of kids of all ages and will make a perfect, thoughtful Christmas gift.


Maybe even more exciting is the fact that there’s an accompanying playbook that’s available to pre-order from this site now, just click the image below:

It’s full of exercises and discussion topics to enjoy as a family. Here’s the blurb:

The playbook accompaniment to How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids brings the themes in the book to life. The playbook comprises four pillars: entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the parent-mentor, with 46 bite-sized sections.

Each section addresses a key concept in developing the skills and attitude of a young person ready to take on the world and includes questions to ponder and exercises to complete together as a family.

It’s a super-fun way to explore the entrepreneurial messages in the book and can be completed over several days, weeks, or even months. Spark the imagination and see what’s possible with the How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids playbook.


We’re really proud of these new books and we hope you love them.

Buy How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids from Amazon in the UK and the US now.