Developing self-awareness

When did you first become self-aware?

It’s so easy to just go with the flow and do what’s expected of us. Starting primary then secondary school, choosing our GCSEs and going to college. Then passing exams and trying to get into university because that’s what everyone else is doing. Someone might be in their forties before asking themselves, “What do I really want?”

The playbook accompaniment to How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids develops self-awareness across the four pillars of raising entrepreneurial kids. It includes exercises like creating a family mission statement, journaling at the end of a day, planning ahead, learning from mistakes, differentiating between what’s in and out of your control, and quizzing family members about their journeys.

Earlier this week, schools across the UK closed for another lockdown but learning can happen in any setting.

There’s no point breeding brilliant box tickers. It’s not what the world needs and it’s not what happiness and fulfilment are made of. Self-awareness is a powerful tool in a young person’s toolbox and it will serve their future no matter what they choose to do.

The How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids Playbook is available from Amazon all over the world and we think you’ll love it.

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