Clever Tykes believes that every child has the right to grow up believing they can have a career they love. We’re passionate about social mobility and education. We’re not alone. In fact, there are thousands of other companies who share our ethos and would like to make an impact on children’s lives and that’s why Clever Tykes has developed its CSR programme.


In 2017, Clever Tykes secured the support of Lloyds Banking Group to help us distribute our books and online resources free of charge to over 23,000 primary schools across the UK. But now we’re looking for further opportunities to partner with forward-thinking businesses.


CSR programmes

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become incredibly important for businesses of all shapes and sizes because the public is actively looking to buy from ethical and socially proactive companies. This means that effective CSR programmes provide companies, not only with the scope to make a positive impact, but also portray themselves as they would wish to potential customers, collaborators and other organisations.

We know that our CSR partners are looking to make a genuine impact on their community and the lives of people who live there. Clever Tykes believes that the most sustainable impact will be made through education and by raising the aspirations of children from a range of backgrounds. Clever Tykes provides an opportunity for companies to deliver engaging and rich CSR programmes to local primary schools globally.


How does it work?

Clever Tykes is primarily on the hunt for companies that can help us reach children across the globe. National roll-outs enable Clever Tykes to build a wide-reaching presence and also provides the credibility for schools to take up the books and resources en masse. We also believe this generates the best awareness of the project, which is to the benefit of all parties.

Support may consist of both the distribution of resources and school visits, helping companies make a difference on the ground. Clever Tykes books, resources and enterprise sessions are best delivered to Key Stage two classes. As part of the package, Clever Tykes provides session plans which include guidance on their delivery and a selection of exercises and discussion topics. The resources enable teachers to integrate enterprise education into their curriculum as well as starting an enterprise club. It is the two-pronged approach, providing and initial enterprise session and having resources to use throughout the year, that has been shown to be the most effective way of learning enterprise.


Clever Tykes national sponsorship

Would your business benefit from the exposure to millions of children, parents and thousands of primary schools? Would your company benefit from the positive PR generated by sponsoring books for children and schools on a national scale? The Clever Tykes national sponsorship spans marketing, PR, public affairs and CSR in one unprecedented initiative.

Clever Tykes recognised that schools have many demands on their resource budgets and having the Clever Tykes books sponsored mean they can reap all the benefits from the series at no cost to them. Schools welcome the opportunity to receive high-quality resources, just like the Clever Tykes series, supplied by society-conscious businesses. Sponsors have their company logo printed on the Clever Tykes books on both the back cover and the inside front cover providing sponsors with a unique medium to communicate with schools, teachers and parents as children learn from the materials at home and school for year to come.

The national sponsorship is a truly unique opportunity and we’re now looking to expand beyond the UK.


If you’d like to know more about our CSR programmes or national sponsorship, please get in touch through our contacts page and we look forward to hearing from you!

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