Entrepreneurial storybooks & resources

For children ages 6-9. Storybooks and resources available with fast delivery from Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Entrepreneurial role models in four storybooks

Develop creative, resourceful and positive mindsets

Parent & teacher's guide to support learning

Activity packs with puzzles and exercises

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What you get:

Four inspiring storybooks

A 100+ page guidebook

Hours of valuable activities

Self-learning and interactive options

What your kids get:

New role models

Better problem-solving skills

Resourcefulness and resillience

Increased confidence

“Personally, I think these books are fantastic. Eva’s attitude has changed since reading them. She has started putting a lot more effort into everything. Challenges no longer end in tears since Eva read the Clever Tykes books.”

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What are the Clever Tykes books?

Four stories featuring inspiring entrepreneurial role models.

Each of the protagonists realise that there is something they are especially good at or passionate about, and they set about making this into their own venture.

They inspire:

  • Positivity
  • Innovation
  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness

The storybooks and accompanying resources are suitable for children ages 6-9 and are read all over the world, at home and in school.

Why should you buy the Clever Tykes books?

The people who buy our books are parents, guardians, educators and relatives of 6-9-year-old children, who want to set them up for a happy and successful future.

They want to empower them to choose their own journey. They want to help them become resourceful, creative, resilient and positive. To see obstacles as challenges to be overcome. To feel confident in their beliefs and actions. To act from a position of strength, kindness and ambition. To see the potential of what they could achieve and be excited about making it happen. To look forward to every day and make a difference with their time on earth.

They understand the power of role models for sparking new ideas and big thinking. They know that someone’s future is only limited by their imagination.

So let’s see what’s possible.

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