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school bundle

School bundle

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The school bundle is the perfect primary enterprise education package. The bundle comprises of 12 sets of Clever Tykes books and two ring-bound teacher’s guides. With your purchase you’ll also receive digital files of all the books and guides for digital delivery and file sharing.

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6 reviews for School bundle

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    5 out of 5


    As an ex-teacher and now home educator, I think these books are absolutely brilliant! Everything about them resonates strongly with me, and I wholeheartedly agree with the founders’ values and thoughts behind these stories. As I read their website, I found myself constantly nodding along and thinking to myself ‘yes, this is so my thinking too!’

    The books are very well written and provide awesome role-models who children can relate to, and encourage thinking outside the box and creativity. They genuinely empower children! They also cover a range of subjects; an excellent teaching resource in so many ways.

    I can see these books have the potential to really help create a young generation of go-getters and change-makers! I seriously cannot recommend these stories enough. Parents and educators – check them out!

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    5 out of 5


    I think Clever Tykes are onto something with the notion of giving life skills & entrepreneurial messages through characters that many children can identify with.

    The books are good for joint/group reading as it will get children asking questions & stimulate discussion. They will also be encouraged to consider the value of hard work, being organised, not being worried about trying something new & following their interests.

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    5 out of 5


    I really enjoyed these stories:

    1. They are easy to read and understand. Designed for a child in the juniors (KS2), these books are written in a way that children of this age should be able to read themselves depending on their ability. I also believe that they could be shared with slightly younger children too.

    2. The messages they share. Each book gives a different message, all being important for children growing up to understand.

    3. Their illustrations. The illustrations in these books are well-suited to the stories and feature on most pages. I think pictures in books are helpful for children reading, especially if they are shared with children of a younger age. It keeps them engaged in the story and helps them to understand.

    4. The quality of the books. Not only is the quality of the stories good, but the actual books are too. They seem sturdy and of a great size for children’s hands.

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    5 out of 5


    Each of the Clever Tykes books are written perfectly to keep children interested, the pages aren’t cramped with words and there are illustrations on most pages, really helping to fuel their imagination.

    Let’s face it, if we were to tell children that they were reading a book that could even be slightly educational, then most kids would pass. They want fun reads with exciting characters and that’s what Clever Tykes gives them, it has a hidden message of entrepreneurship for children.

    The great thing about each of the Clever Tykes books is that they include likeable characters, that children can relate to. If we were to try and encourage our children to eat healthily they’d probably eat a chocolate bar to spite us, but if a character like Cho, that they like is passionate about healthy eating and are working hard to encourage others, that could be what sparks an interest in them.

  5. Amazon Review
    5 out of 5


    We would like to thank you for the delivery of books we received last week at East Riding Primary, we are truly thrilled with them.

  6. Amazon Review
    5 out of 5


    A child in year 5 at Rosh Pinah Primary School wrote the following:

    He loved the colour as he felt it was inviting. The story he felt was excellent, especially helping people to eat healthy. He would like the illustrations in colour if possible. He thinks the next book should be green and should be called “Write it Woody”. He really feels all these books stand out from others.

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I am a huge advocate of the entrepreneurial messages and characteristics that you are driving. I think it is a fantastic idea to instil the idea of entrepreneurship into children from a young age. This is a great way to open children up to the idea of not always following conventional paths and giving them the belief and confidence from an early age to pursue their own creative business ideas and ventures. 

James Caan, CBE - entrepreneur and former Dragon

“The Clever Tykes series are such a wonderful way to introduce ‘enterprise’ to children from a young age – I can’t recommend them highly enough, and strongly urge parents to read along with their child as there is no doubt the stories will stimulate lots of questions and interest!”


“I found Walk-it Willow easy to read and full of lovely messages that children can take from it. It touched on taking responsibility, problem solving, admitting mistakes and also the work it takes to run a small business. Willow is entertaining but very human. A lovely story.”