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Code-it Cody

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When the Computer Club competition is announced, Cody and his friends must put their coding skills into action. Cody begins a quest to research current computer games before creating the prototype of his very own.

After months of hard work, the moment of truth arrives. Cody and the other Computer Club members have to pitch their prototypes in front of a panel of teachers! Cody’s friend Hana has produced a game that everyone will really like. Can Cody do better?

ISBN: 978-0-9926913-8-7

Author: Clever Tykes
Publisher: Clever Tykes
Product ID: 2140

5 reviews for Code-it Cody

  1. Amazon Review
    5 out of 5


    Well done to all the people involved in these amazing books.

    I didn’t have to nag my 8 year old to read whilst reading this book. He enjoyed meeting cody and his friends and every night happily read more. As the characters learned valuable lessons my son also went on that journey with the book, as we discussed what we would do if we were Cody. I recommend the complete set of these books, it’s so easy for the children to get involved with the book & un-knowingly learn valuable life skills.

    Solving problems is hard to teach.

  2. Amazon Review
    5 out of 5


    A great way to foster your child’s entrepreneurial spirit.

    This was the first book I read in the Clever Tykes series, which I read to my son who is just four. He enjoyed hearing about Cody and asked a lot of questions about code and making video games! He is excited about when he might start learning code at school (he hasn’t started yet!) and it reinforced the idea that people can make money doing what they love (we talk about this a lot as I love my freelance work).

    If you want to foster your child’s entrepreneurial spirit, then I highly recommend these books!

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    5 out of 5


    Finally a book my child will read on his own! Buddy likes the way that they are written and the text is really easy to read, so he has actually been reading these on his own in his bed. He says he likes the way it’s on white paper as he can clearly see all of the words. Plus point for the publishers there!

    I think it’s wonderful that the stories are written in such a way that a child who is a little adverse to reading is choosing them over other things we have in the house – this is great news. It makes me very happy, as you can imagine!

  4. Amazon Review
    5 out of 5


    After reading The Clever Tykes stories to my son I feel that the stories can help encourage and inspire him to be creative, brave and innovative. His favourite book was Code-it Cody and I can honestly say that he has been losing interest in bedtime stories for the last year and would rather cuddle and chat. This wasn’t the case when I read these books and he didn’t want me to stop until the story had finished, this took me a good half an hour and I was surprised how well he listened.

  5. Amazon Review
    5 out of 5


    My seven year old daughter really liked the book and we had good discussions about it. Cody himself wears hearing aids. This was interesting for my daughter because she has two children in her class with hearing aids and it gave her a chance to talk about it and see how it didn’t hold the child in the book back from what he wanted to do.

    She was bubbling with ideas for her own business after reading the book and I feel more empowered now as a parent to help talk her through them rather than try and talk her down from her ideas because I am scared she’ll be disappointed. As a parent and a teacher you want to encourage children to follow their dreams and also help equip them with the steps to actually achieve them.

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I am a huge advocate of the entrepreneurial messages and characteristics that you are driving. I think it is a fantastic idea to instil the idea of entrepreneurship into children from a young age. This is a great way to open children up to the idea of not always following conventional paths and giving them the belief and confidence from an early age to pursue their own creative business ideas and ventures. 

James Caan, CBE - entrepreneur and former Dragon

“The Clever Tykes series are such a wonderful way to introduce ‘enterprise’ to children from a young age – I can’t recommend them highly enough, and strongly urge parents to read along with their child as there is no doubt the stories will stimulate lots of questions and interest!”


“I found Walk-it Willow easy to read and full of lovely messages that children can take from it. It touched on taking responsibility, problem solving, admitting mistakes and also the work it takes to run a small business. Willow is entertaining but very human. A lovely story.”